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    Myl Joy

    Startup Company Founder – Silicon Valley

    It has been an absolute gift to have such a kind, genuine and authentic individual like James be a mentor and coach in my life. For the past 12months James has listened intently and guided me to understand my true north. To continue with travelling references, James’ coaching reminds me of my favourite and must have travelling item, that is my noise cancelling headphones. James’ coaching is like noise cancelling headphones, not because you detach or escape from the noise around you, but because he assists you in focusing on the sounds you should be listening to. As stubborn as I am, his raw honesty always manages to be heard loud and clear, allowing me to make ask myself the tough questions, and head the right direction, for me. I can’t recommend James enough.

    Alex Johnstone

    Solopreneur – Singapore

    I have have had coaching with James Stanbridge for a few months now. He is an extremely easy person to relate to. He is straight to the point but understanding and sympathetic. I have grown not only on a personal level with his coaching but in my strategies to do with my Business. He is a great mentor I feel with such an extensive experience in the work place in so many different areas he is able to assist me get my full potential and realise the goals I have in place. He has helped me enormously and I would absolutely recommend him.

    Solonia T.

    Co-founder, Entrepreneur – Asia

    James has been a wonderful advisor and supporter of The Change School, and a dear friend. His gentle inquiry, generous advice and reflective counsel has been invaluable for our personal and professional growth – combining a wealth of experience, knowledge and reflective discussion. I am grateful for the genuine connection, curiosity and wit he lends to every conversation – undoubtedly THE coach to choose!!

    James D. Leaver

    General Manager, Enterprise, New Media Sector – Europe

    James has been my go to guy for several years now. Whenever I am looking for some clear, concise advice, he is the guy I call. What I particularly like about James is that he rarely provides the expected advice and isn’t afraid to point the finger back at me and challenge me to change or solve a problem. He is exactly what I look for in a coach – bucket loads of professional and life experiences, personable and approachable and, above all, invariably able to provide exactly the motivation I need.

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