• Hello, I'm James Stanbridge

    It's my mission to help you get out of your own way to build a bridge to your true self.

  • Find purpose and meaning

    Start here and I will work with you, to get out of your own way, achieve your potential and find the bridge to your true purpose.

    Scaling up your leadership and influence

    The highest level performers in any field always have great coaches and mentors to get to them to the next level. You need honesty and experience to open new possibilities for yourself. You deserve a great coach!

    Building your executive presence

    I spent 14 years at Microsoft and helped many break through the glass ceiling, getting promotion to positions of real power and influence. You will learn how to be all of you, at home, at work and in every element of your life.

    Supporting women in technology

    There is no need to behave like a man, or succeed in a man's world – you are enough just as you are to be super successful. Our work is to create that reality together.

    Expanding small businesses

    10 years at start-ups, I know exactly how to support and grow your personal brand in your solopreneur or entrepreneur business.

  • Women in Technology

  • What you can get

    Work with me to consult, coach or speak

    Daimler, Stuttgart, Digital Transformation


    Transform your business

    I offer consultation engagements in transformation of your hiring for diversity practices, including helping you look in unusual places for diverse talent and in making your company the most attractive workplace for diverse candidates.


    Find purpose and meaning

    Get out of your own way – and live a life filled with purpose and meaning. Together we will create new possibilities, helping you realize your true self.

    Women in Tech, Atlantec 16, Galway


    Inspire at conferences, summits and seminars

    I speak at a variety of events around the world that are clustered around topics of hiring for diversity, modern day feminism, defeating poverty through education.


    I have represented UN Women's Committee in #HeForShe forums and Touch Sala Bai (NGO) in human trafficking platforms as well as numerous corporate sponsored events.

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