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Why ancient knowledge will save the Human Race

Hands up if you suspect we already know what the answer to the really big questions Are? we just don't like the answer very much!

The full title of this piece should read 'How learning together will reconnect us to ancient knowledge that will save the Human Race'
Let me go back a little and share with you the journey I have made that has led me to the conclusion explicit in the title - that I believe we know how to save the human race already, we either don't like or have forgotten the knowledge and how to connect to it.
Today, I am flying south east from Singapore crossing the equator into the southern hemisphere. This route makes land fall somewhere between Eighty Mile Beach and Broome and the red desert of NW Australia: something makes my skin prickle and hair stand on end as we travel on to Uluru. At first it is the breathtaking coastal line combining miraculous blues and greens with sandy bays which trips one set of Summer memories and dreams of a surf filled day. I search for signs of mankind, and I see brilliant red roads, incredible as if they are painted fluorescent red or back lit from under the earth and I wonder at the lives lived on the edge of this geography stretching back hundreds, thousands of generations? As we fly onward the coastal plain gives way to more reds oranges and astonishing shapes of rock earth, minerals and dust.
We can all feel it - in the moment of this wonder there is connection or at least an urge to reconnect to something we once had or once knew, something that the only real mystery about, is that we can't remember how or where we became disconnected from long ago.
I've stood in the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, so moved I had to leave; moved by a sense that I understood so little of the ancient knowledge focussed in that place that I needed to leave out of respect. For my curiosity that should be satisfied somewhere my gawkish and clumsy ignorance would not disturb the elegance of thousands of years of deep human understanding, introspection; by the weight of choice and faith.
I've walked into tiny chapels and cathedrals alike and felt just the same; I have had to find a way to recover from being rocked to the core of my sense of purpose - undone by a shaven headed monk in Angkor Wat, she looked and saw me in a moment and changed my life for ever. And I have stood appalled, chilled and sick to my stomach at ground Zero in New York. Never before or since having wanted to run so hard, so far from a place with the imprint of the collected soul - a shout too loud to bare.
I am certain now, as I spend more and more of my time talking to friends and colleagues about my personal journey to mindfulness, through running, meditation, yoga; practices to find stillness and flow - I am not looking for something new in my life, but for something ancient, something I perhaps already knew but have lost my connection to. This old thing - this wisdom that we all have and that connects us one and all has everything that we need to know to live better.
We work extremely hard to learn the new and to feed our curiosity with amazing new understanding but equally important, in fact to balance even enable this new understanding with the ancient wisdom. Dr Carl Sagan has been telling us "to understand the present first you must understand the past" . And I don't think he would claim it to be a new idea or the first to articulate it either!
My recent awakening to this came from a friend of mine as she explained to me how the elders of her people's know about a phenomenon called blood memory.
Each of us has in our blood the memories and wisdom of the 7 generations that went before us. We may have relearned to classify some of these things as instincts, and I am not going into the details in this blog - you may want to.
We are afraid of spiders or anything that suddenly moves that we didn't expect; an emotional and physical response is triggered. We don't find that strange at all, but a knowledge of where water is, a drive to be on a boat, in an ocean, the certainty of being on holy ground, even an ability to find 'God' in mundane things. All these we each can connect to if we choose, and this is the tip of the iceberg.
What makes this so special and interesting from my perspective is that once I reached out to friends and my teachers (I think Reid Hoffman is spot on when he states his mentor is his network), once I validated and understood how and why I have certainties in my heart that that my head could not quite rationalize is that "of course!!" If I have the knowledge of 7 previous generations, then what I do with my life, how I acrete value to that passes on for 7 generations after me.
Now that is a profound responsibility.
For me, this also explains why I have to work so hard to still my "monkey brain" - all these years I have built habits that prioritize what I can prove and see - over what I already know
I do want to note here, that I am taking the concept onboard, I do not suggest that it is a literal nor absolute statement of knowledge in the physical blood or even DNA. My research, although it reveals a lot more than I realized was known here, mostly points to how little we have valued these lines of thinking.
I also accept a related lens on the same principle that is tin the teachings around Indra's Net
This metaphor explains an interconnection that connects us all, including genrational through a network where each of us is a jewel - and adding love and compassion to one jewel in the network adds love and compassion to them all. It is through the net of Indra that I was able to meaningfully connect to my own grandmother and replay the wisdom, hopes and fears that she lived, in a tiny for for me, significant way.
If you've come this far with me in this essay, then so very well and fluffy. What seems irresistible for me now  it that I make the case that perhaps the most dangerous and disruptive idea that I have to share is that reconnecting to what we already know, embracing radical collaboration with one another, is that what we already know as human beings is at least as important or enabling as everything we aspire to know next.
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