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The Nature and Objective of Coaching

Ontological Coaching

  • Ontological Coaching is the study (logical) of the human being (onto) and the method vein used looks at 3 areas in particular - the Body, Emotion and Language. The objective of coaching is for you to be more effective, authentic, and powerful in who we are in our work and personal lives. 
  • Coaching is a relationship, an equal partnership; working together to achieve the client’s agenda through identifying new possibilities in powerful conversations with the coach.  
  • The coaching process is designed jointly with the client and is focused on the goals identified by the client. I ask that you come prepared with some ideas of what you’d like to go over and we only ever go as far into it as you want to - you set the boundaries.
  • Your work will be to look at the conversations and stories you are living that are not working well for you and identify what future possibilities and new stories you would like to live in.
  • We will explore the future you wish to generate.  
  • We will identify the barriers that are blocking you from achieving this future and focus on practices and actions that will generate the shifts, to remove or overcome these barriers so that you are living in your new story.
  • We will co-create a practice for the client to continue in between sessions.
  • Coaching is not advice, therapy, or counselling, the client is recognized as whole, healthy and creative.
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