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Back on the hamster wheel!

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I'm going back to the future, on 3rd January 2017, I join Oracle. Going back, is that it'll be my second stint at a major corporate role, leading teams across Europe and Asia. To the future because I like many others believe that cloud computing is the operating system for the next generation - of the four IT revolutions currently in play, SMAC covers social, mobile, analytics and cloud, cloud is where I am putting my focus, simply because it has the potential to disrupt what we think of as compute operation or operating system. 

You may have heard me say that if really pushed on what I would change in my life, I would love to have had all the tools and knowledge that I've learned studying ontological coaching to hand at the beginning of my Microsoft career, now I have the opportunity to take these into practice alongside my subject matter expertise and I can hardly wait.

Again, a favorite phrase has come to remind me of its importance, and that is that

Opportunities multiply as they are seized - Sun Tzu

with my ontological coaching hat, I might restate as

Possibilities emerge as they are articulated

and this answers how I come to be stepping back to the future, it became possible because I was able to say it, and had not ruled it out with a myriad blockers, assertions and assessments that did not serve me.

For my coaching practice this means I am only taking forward my pro-bono and not for profit clients. I will continue to speak and speak out just as loudly as ever on the platforms I adore, on the subjects of defeating bias and hiring for diversity. That alone is going to be fascinating at Oracle where I completed an exhaustive interview loop without meeting any gender diversity at all, a tiny data point that may prove completely anomalous.

2017 is going to be the start of another journey, but with several constants

  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Technology
Here's hoping your outlook is as exciting, and if not, don't hesitate to call or drop me a line!
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