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    At UN Women Committee

    Bloomberg, Singapore

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    I work with global companies and organisations throughout the world.

  • My work accomplishments & experience

    I have a diploma in Ontological coaching, which is a body of learning around The Way of Being, how your body, emotions and language generate your future. This is where connecting to and developing your voice makes your leadership impactful and effective.


    I have successfully attracted, hired and developed diverse teams of technologists in China, Singapore, India, Japan as well as Europe for Microsoft, Alta Vista and Yamaha Motor in a multinational, corporate leadership career spanning more than 20 years.


    I speak at events around the world and for the UN Women’s Committee and I share my experience of targeting poverty and trafficking through education. I focus on diversity hiring and on attracting young women to science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) roles. I know that women are great in these positions, regardless of general opinion. 


    Without challenging our bias' we limit ourselves to a tiny talent pool. Diverse candidates are perfect for solving all talent shortages, including technology companies, start-ups and social enterprises which is a clear leadership opportunity we can all take.


    Now, I share that experience of leadership, understanding bias, coaching and co-create new possibilities, breaking glass ceilings, nurturing and developing talent so that you can change what is possible for your life.

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